Saturday, June 02, 2007

Knitting Projects

I am going to attempt this post again. Blogger is not being very friendly today and is giving me fits with the pictures. Thus the reason they are all jammed against the side!

Here are my Koigu socks that were done in the simple toe up pattern. I love these socks. The Koigu was a dream to knit with. I did not have any issues with splitting and the stitch definition is great.

The pattern was very easy to understand. I loved the Middle Eastern cast on for the toes. It took a little practice, but the finished result is quite nice. I did have a few problems with the short row heels, but once it was explained to my rather dense self I found them to be fun to do. Now I could not do them in the family room yet (must be by a quiet room), but the heel went together quickly. The only thing I will need to work on with regards to toe up socks is the bind off. I went up three needle sizes, but with my tendency to be a tight knitter it still doesn't have much stretch.

My local knitting group hosted a dishcloth (facecloth) and stitch marker swap. This is the pattern I used, Half Linen Stitch. It is from the current issue of Creative Knitting. I LOVED this pattern. The cloths went quickly and the pattern was definitely mindless. Perfect for baseball! The pattern does NOT work for variegated yarn. Ask me how I know?? I have two new cloths for my drawer. The first one I attempted had minor pooling, I figured if I just started the yarn in a different place it would take care of itself. But noooo the second cloth I began calling the "Two Faces of Eve". It was like I drew a line down the center of the cloth and said beige over here, green over there. Oh well, I needed some new dishcloths!

I decided I wanted to learn to knit lace. Not like I don't have enough projects already on the needle. I began this Scotch Thistle Lace Stole. I am using Perchance to Knit lace weight in the Peacock's Harlot colorway. The overall color is black, but in the light you see shades of purple and green. It is beautiful. I have only done 4 rows this will probably be a LONG term project.

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