Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sewing and such

I have been sewing quite a bit the past few days. I would love to post pictures of my completed projects, but Speedy B has left the camera in the van...and they took the van to the races. Unfortunately, one of the projects has already left. I monogramed a pillowcase for a friend from church. She actually paid me...woo hoo! That was fun.

The second project was a homemade pillowcase for Cowodie to take to a party tomorrow. The case made up well, then I began the embroidery. Of course the machine had to mess up! I spent over an hour picking out the stitches. I am pretty sure I could have made a new pillowcase faster. But Cowodie had already shopped the stash and found just what he wanted and there wasn't enough to make another one. The things we do for our children.

Now I am hemming my new dress. I am determined to wear it to church tomorrow. I am hemming by hand. I know the machine will do a blind hem stitch, but after the picking threads fiasco, I don't want to try something I am unfamiliar with and risk ripping again!

Why you might ask am I hemming a dress at 12:00 a.m. Because I joined a silly read along lead by one of my Ravelry groups. The title of the book is The Historian...sounds nice enough right? Well, I sent Speedy B into Barnes and Noble to pick it up for me, thus I did not read the cover before purchasing. It is a vampire book people! I don't read that genre...I have an overactive imagination, I don't need encouragement. So here I sit in my bedroom, two whole walls of windows, listening to my children snore in my bed, waiting for RacerDad to get home from the races...still hours away, needing to go move laundry to the dryer but it is a whole house away, past three doors and LOTS of dark windows...scaring myself silly. And I have only read the book in the broad daylight. Why on earth am I doing this to myself???? Maybe it is time to turn on 27 Dresses and think happy thoughts.

If you happen to think of it, please say a prayer for RacerDad. He interviews with the Deacon committee at church tomorrow. They have asked him to consider being up for nomination and this is the next step.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Heard in my Kitchen

I was cutting an apple for Smoda when the knife slipped grazing my finger. As I was looking to see if I had a cut, his sweet six year old voice said "you are as tough as a boy". The ultimate compliment!

50 Days of Summer

Katie had a wonderful idea she is terming 50 Days of Summer. I am going to have to play around with it a bit to take into account trips to visit grandparents, VBS and such. But there are some great ideas to make summer special.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Little did Ms. Knit Sox know she would shame me into posting a blog entry by tagging me for a meme. is an entry.

Rules of the game are posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

A: I was a stay at home mom getting used to life with two. My oldest was two, I had a newborn and we had just moved into our first home. We moved into the house when Cowodie was 9 days old! I remember sitting in amidst a pile of boxes crying because I didn't have the energy or desire to unpack. Thank goodness for my friend Stacy who came over and just started hanging pictures. She told me I could change them when I felt more like myself, but for now "let's get them off the floor".

2.What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order)?

A: Make our weekly bread. Embroider Cowodie's beach towel. Finish my dress I am making. School with the boys. Clean the kitchen.

3. Snacks I enjoy?

A: WW friendly: 94%ff kettle corn popcorn, laughing cow cheese with triscuits, snap peas Non WW friendly: anything chocolate!

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire?

A: Tithe. Find someone smarter than me to help me handle it. Go on mission trips.

5. Places I have lived?

A: Tulsa, OK; Stillwater, OK (home of Oklahoma State University); Armonk, NY; Dobbs Ferry NY; Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, TX

6. Jobs I've had?

A: Before High School: babysitting, filing in my mom's accounting office; During high school: worked at a grocery store, continued at mom's office; During college: Grocery store, resume writer, bookstore; Career: teacher; Now: best job ever for

7. Peeps I want to know more about?

A: Anyone who wants to play along may join. And, if you don't want to, that's okay too.

Monday, March 03, 2008

76 degrees...then snow

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Saturday 76 and sunny, yesterday was still warm but cloudy and gloomy with a cold front moving in last night. Today it never got out of the 30's and sleet began this evening. And now...

SNOW!!!! The only bad thing, it is bedtime so the only snow fall we have this year and the boys don't get to enjoy it. Of course the ground is too warm for it to stick and tomorrow it will be back up in the 50's, but for now it is absolutely beautiful.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Today I am a bit blue. Not too sure why. I should be excited. RacerDad and Speedy B went racing. Cowodie is spending the night with a friend. Which leaves Smoda and I home alone. He goes to bed early so I can curl up in my chair with knitting and a movie. But I feel lonely. I hate days like this...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knitting Content

I have actual knitting content today. Can you believe it??? And two are finished objects to boot!
The first item is my multi-directional scarf. I first became aware of this pattern when I met Tasha for the first time. She was knitting one at a meetup and I remember thinking that would be hard, it is all short rows. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished it, especially since I was able to complete it in a weekend. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden. I have to say I am not that impressed with the yarn...the colors yes, they are amazing. But the yarn itself is scratchy. So I put it with my denim jacket, up under the collar and just let it be an accessory. Good thing I live in Texas where warmth isn't usually an issue.

My next finished object was Smoda's blanket. He was so excited when I finished it. While it was fairly mindless knitting, I have to say the weaving of the ends almost did me in. Smoda has enjoyed wagging it around the house and I try not to cringe too much when he ties it around his neck for a "jedi mission". I am glad he loves it...but gently please.
Now for an object that is in progress. I am making the Nina Shawl from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I fell in love with the colors and so had to do one exactly like in the book. I wish I had searched around Ravelry and read some comments before I bought my yarn and began the project. The consensus is the shawl is short and most people have added rows. I agree that it is too short, unfortunately, I had purchased my yarn and couldn't find more to make it longer. It fits and for a summer shawl, I guess I truly don't want it to wrap around...just cover my shoulders. I am almost finished, lack one more color strip and then the black ruffles on the ends.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enjoying Some Peace and Quiet

Hard to believe, but I am spending the day at home...not at baseball, not running a million errands, not doing anything I don't want to...for the moment. I say for the moment, because my dear mother-in-law will be here soon. Cowodie needed to stay in today, he is still trying to kick his sinus infection. So I let RacerDad take Speedy B to baseball and I kept the little boys at home.

I have knit a bit on my Monkey socks using Tempted Yarns "Roxanne". They are turning out lovely and are a very proving to be the quick and easy knit everyone promised. I have also taken some long awaited pictures to show that I have been knitting. I will try to post those tomorrow or Monday.

This morning at my WW meeting there was a suggestion for picking up the flavor of the 100 calorie pack popcorn. Now I didn't have a problem with the original, but I must say I found it a bit of a boring snack. I am not sure why I didn't think of this suggestion, it is so easy...spray butter (0 cal) and a bit of salt. Made it a bit ago and it was as good as movie popcorn. Definitely a good alternative for salty snacks.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Pill of a Problem

Do you remember when you "learned" how to swallow pills? I don't. And I don't remember my oldest son ever having an issue when he moved from the liquid form of medicines to pills. Yesterday I witnessed someone learning to swallow pills...quite the adventure.

My middle son, Cowodie, has had an intermittent drippy nose and headache for the last few weeks. On Wednesday his throat was so sore he would not even talk. Now for those of you who know this sweet child, he is anything but quiet, so I knew his throat was really sore. I couldn't get in to see the doctor until yesterday morning and of course Cowodie's throat was better. We kept the appointment thinking that possibly the drippy nose and headache were hold overs from a sinus infection he had in January. The doctor concurred that the infection was not over and Cowodie needed another round of antibiotics. She asked me if I thought he could take a pill and I told her I wasn't sure, he hadn't ever done it. So not wanting him to "learn" to take pills when he was sick (tell me when you take pills if you aren't sick) the doctor gave him a liquid.

When I went to get the prescription filled, I knew it was not a good sign when the technician's eyes got wide as she looked at the computer screen. She asked me if I wanted generic and I told her no problem. Her eyes didn't get much better. She then told me the price....$240, ouch! She offered to call the doctor and see about a different med or to see if pills would be okay. I was surprised to find out that the pill form of the same medicine was only $114.

We ended up with the pills and suggestions for how to take them. Cowodie loved the first suggestion swallowing m&m's, until he realized he didn't get to eat them, just swallow. He has such a strong gag reflex, I began to worry he would not be able to swallow. After 30 minutes of struggling, giggling and snorting water through his nose, he got one down, one m&m that is. I couldn't imagine doing this with two 300mg pills every day for the next 14 days! Another suggestion was using a straw to suck in the water and he would forget that he was swallowing a pill...this from a woman who used to work with geriatric patients. Another m&m along with a straw, this one took only 15 minutes.

When it came time to take the actual pill, he did a little better...but I think it is going to be a loooooong two weeks!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Learning...ever Learning

I feel so silly even posting this. I am on Ravelry and had noticed the lovely yarn pictures that all the knitters have... my pictures always seemed to be lacking. The colors were not very clear, if I zoomed in the picture quality was fuzzy, etc.

The other day I was playing around with Moo cards, trying to get some printed for the Loopy Spring Fling. I once again looked through my flickr pictures, not finding any that I was proud enough of to pass around to others. Then I noticed the edit button. Hmmm wonder what that is for? I decided to play around with it, I had nothing to lose. Well what do you works. The pictures I ended up with turned out quite lovely.

So in case there are any of you out there that have not experimented with the edit button I encourage you to give it a try. I might turn into a photographer yet.....naw...but at least I will have better pictures!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Favorite Recipe

As I have stated before, I love to cook. Unfortunately most of my favorite cooking includes comfort foods and desserts. Weight Watchers has curbed some of my cooking, not totally a bad if I find a good recipe that works with my new eating lifestyle it is really exciting for me.

Spicy Thai Wraps has become a new staple for me. Quick and easy to make as well as quite tasty.

1 tsp. oil
1 cup packaged coleslaw (no dressing)
crushed red pepper to taste (start with 1/4 tsp)

Cook coleslaw and pepper in oil till wilted and tender, app. 3 minutes.

2 oz. turkey
5 chopped peanuts
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp soy sauce

Add the above to hot skillet with coleslaw mixture. Cook till heated through.

Divide between two Carb Balanced Whole Wheat Tortillas. On WW, this recipe counts as 4 points. Quite filling.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's been so long since I blogged I am not really sure where to begin... It is not that I haven't had things I want to say. Just truly haven't had the time, or the desire if the time is there.

I have been knitting quite a bit. I am so close to finishing Smoda's blanket that I am having a hard time putting down the knitting. My goal was to finish it before the end of January and I believe I will be able to do it. My only concern is I must border the blanket with a crocheted edge and I am not sure if I have enough of each color. Oh well, I will know in the next few days.

I have also been reading lately...well that is not quite true. I read all the time, but lately I am reading more. My current book is World Without End. I am enjoying it as much as I did Pillars of the Earth years ago. Medieval history is so fascinating.

My big news is that I will be attending a knitting retreat. Not just any knitting retreat, but Sheri from the Loopy Ewe is hosting Spring Fling '08 in St. Louis. I can hardly wait. I am still pinching myself that RacerDad was okay with me attending. Especially since it is in the middle of baseball season. With three boys playing ball, two at the select level, we have loads of games and practices.

Well, I feel better now. At least I have updated something!