Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enjoying Some Peace and Quiet

Hard to believe, but I am spending the day at home...not at baseball, not running a million errands, not doing anything I don't want to...for the moment. I say for the moment, because my dear mother-in-law will be here soon. Cowodie needed to stay in today, he is still trying to kick his sinus infection. So I let RacerDad take Speedy B to baseball and I kept the little boys at home.

I have knit a bit on my Monkey socks using Tempted Yarns "Roxanne". They are turning out lovely and are a very proving to be the quick and easy knit everyone promised. I have also taken some long awaited pictures to show that I have been knitting. I will try to post those tomorrow or Monday.

This morning at my WW meeting there was a suggestion for picking up the flavor of the 100 calorie pack popcorn. Now I didn't have a problem with the original, but I must say I found it a bit of a boring snack. I am not sure why I didn't think of this suggestion, it is so easy...spray butter (0 cal) and a bit of salt. Made it a bit ago and it was as good as movie popcorn. Definitely a good alternative for salty snacks.

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Anonymous said...

Always nice to have some "me" time. Enjoy it, it never lasts quite long enough.

My kids never had a problem taking tablets, but my Sister had to grind up the tablets for her daughter, since she just could not seem to swallow the pills. Hope your son gets the hang of it fairly soon. :)