Thursday, July 12, 2007

AAYBA World Series

We are in the middle of some SERIOUS baseball. My oldest son's team is competing in a World Series tournament against 39 other teams. It has been a lot of fun so far. We are seeing teams that we haven't played before which is always more entertaining. After pool play, they were ranked (seeded) number 6, which put them in the Platinum/Diamond division. Yesterday, as the coach said, they had their worst win ever. For 5 innings we were losing and losing badly. Then in the sixth the boys decided to play ball and ended up winning the game....that's why we call them the Cardiac Kids! That win put them in the top 8 for the overall tournament.

Today's game will be quite a bit more challenging. I am a bit nervous because there is a good chance B will be pitching. Oh well, I am nervous just about every game...if he is not pitching then he is catching. He does well under pressure. Mom doesn't!

I am knitting a pair of socks while watching the games. Just a plain vanilla pattern, no counting or chart required. I am using Online Supersocke in the Summer colorway. Everyone has been so impressed with the stripes. I just have to laugh because I have had people ask where the other balls of yarn are...they only see one and can't believe that the yarn stripes on its own.

I will probably only get one sock completed before the end of the tournament, but at least this is mindless knitting I can get done quickly!

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Beth said...

Good luck in the tournament! Our boys were knocked out in the first round. It was just as well for us as Adam has a broken arm but it was sad just the same.

It's funny how impressed people are by self striping yarn. I'm knitting a plain vanilla striped sock right now during swimming lessons and folks find it amazing.

Keep knitting - it helps with the stress.