Monday, September 10, 2007

Finished Objects

Believe it or not I actually have some finished items to show. Woo Hoo! It feels good to have accomplished something! The first is a calorimetry. It was a fun , quick knit. I loved doing the short rows and it really gave me confidence to try them later in a garment. I actually did a gauge swatch and followed the pattern precisely...but I think it is too big. I am going to take it and show it to Dawn, she is the expert in our knit group on these. Maybe she can see what I did wrong. I used a heavyweight Socks That Rock in the Christmas Balls colorway. I love the bright colors.My second item is one with which I am pretty tickled. I needed something to keep my ipod in when I exercised. I knew I had seen some free patterns for ipod cozies on the web, so I went searching. While many were cute, they were also more involved than what I wanted, making me go out on the edge and design my own. Nothing exciting or special...but just what I wanted. Speedy B decided since it looked like a sock when I was knitting it, I needed to call it an I-sock. I was especially pleased with the little pocket to hold the earphones when not in use. I used another Socks That Rock, this one was Christmas Rock.
My last finished item is this sweet ruffled scarf. My friend Ellen bought the kit for me when she took her daughter back to college. The colors are perfect for fall. There are two yarns in the scarf, koigu and a mohair. I had never knit with mohair before...kinda fun to try something new.
So there you are...actual knitting content. Finished objects no less, not just stash enhancement!


Becca said...

Julie, it's so funny to me to see you knitting in all these bright, bright colors. Your house colors and scrapbooking paper colors of choice are all dark, classic colors. I would have never guessed you would enjoy knitting in such bright colors! :-)


Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Hooray for FO's!

Anonymous said...

Your scarf is absolutely gorgeous!! And I bet it will feel great around your neck too, mohair being as soft as it is.

I really loved the I-sock! What an ingenious idea, a pocket for the earphones. And BTW - CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss.

Have a great day. :)