Monday, May 07, 2007

Grown Women Should Not Fall Down

As most of you know this has been a VERY wet spring in Texas, after several years of drought I guess I have forgotten how to walk on soggy ground.

Saturday, Cowodie had an early ball game...needed to be at the field at 8:00 a.m. We were walking from the parking lot to the field not on the sidewalk like the parks department would prefer but down the back trail. It is much closer to the fields, everyone else does it, the sidewalks are too many other excuses would you like??

Anyway dear RacerDad, in a hurry to get to the batting cages and begin warming up was quite a ways ahead of me. The rest of us were strung along the path much like pack mules (remember we are going to a LONG day at the ballfield, so we have chairs, snack basket, cooler, ball bags, breakfast sack, my extremely necessary Dr. Pepper, etc.) I was walking along, on the steepest point, reminding Smoda to be careful when my sandal hit a slick patch of mud (think slimy clay). Down I fell, very gracefully I might add, on my hiney. One foot and sandal totally covered in goo, backside in a soggy patch, Dr. Pepper flying through the air and splashing on my clean foot. Fortunately for me one of the other team dads was right behind me. He graciously helped me up only to watch me take one step and do it all again, minus the DP spray!

I was soooo embarrassed! Did any of my family notice this you ask? Only Speedy B, ever the considerate older son..."Didn't you watch where you were going, Mom??" I was so thankful that the fields were fairly empty at this time of day. I went up to the bathrooms, via the SIDEWALK, and cleaned my foot and leg up. I was wearing navy blue capris, so most of the mud didn't show up. When I got back down to the field, my sweet husband, ignorant of the fall and consequent mess asked where I had been....oblivious to all but the game about to be played!

Today I am so sore. My shoulder and neck are extememly tender, to the point if I move I feel like I am going to throw up. I know it will be fine, but where is a good massage when you need one!


Beth said...

I'm sorry for laughing Julie but this cracked me up. We have one more thing in common - a love for Dr. Pepper. I was drinking mine this weekend, too.
I hope the aches and pains go away quickly.

Kasi said...

I'm so sorry you fell! I seem to always be the one to fall! I got a cute pair of black patten leather wedges, and had to wear them for the first time to church. I was wearing them carrying my then 1yr old walking in the front door of church and wouldn't you know it, I fell! In front of God and everyone!!! Where was my hubby? Behind the other 2 boys and unable to get to me. Luckily a sweet deacon of the church was gracious enough to help me up! He asked if I was hurt and I let him know that it was only my pride!!!

A nice warm bath and a good muscle relaxer should help with the pain!!

Hope you feel better!

Ina said...

Thank you for your thoughtful Knit the Classics swap package. I'm going to enjoy it!