Friday, May 04, 2007

Scent Memory

Is it just me or do you have scents that automatically bring to mind certain people, places or events? This morning I was hit with one of those moments.

They say that a baby can recognize its mother's scent in a very short time after birth. I would say that holds true throughout a child's lifetime.

I have several tee shirts that belonged to my mother. She donated blood on a regular basis and seems to have had a shirt for each time! The one I pulled out today says "Give blood (front) ...Get cookies (back). The letter o on front and back are mock oreo cookies. It is a very cute shirt. As I said, mom probably had over 60 shirts from the blood banks so I went through and culled the ones that were worn or on the plain side. Which still left me with probably 25. I folded several and put them in a drawer for "some day" and hung the rest up. Today I decided to take one of the shirts out to wear and as I pulled it over my head, the scent of my mother flooded over me. Such a bittersweet feeling. Over a year and this shirt still smells like mom. Of course it hasn't been washed over and over to remove that scent, but it amazes me that it can still linger.

It is not a particular perfume, she wore several througout the years...nor is it laundry detergent, we used the same brand. But it is such a pleasant smell. It is mom. I hope my boys will have as fond a memory of me someday.


Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

I have exactly the same thing about my mom. About a year after she died, I went down to Texas to clean out her closet and collect some family heirlooms. Being in her closet just made me bawl. The scent did me in. Part of it was her perfume and part of it was her. I've noticed that one of my girls smells like my mom and I surreptitiously go and sniff her occasionally. :-)

scribbit said...

Yes, my mom smells great too. And when I visit her house I now notice the smell (it's been long enough since I've lived there that I notice it now) of what "mom's house" smells like.