Sunday, August 12, 2007

Daddy Discouragement

We sure could use your prayers here At My Hearth. Discouragement is hitting our family hard in many different ways. This morning's Sunday School lesson was on this very topic, but RacerDad is having a difficult time applying the lesson.

As many of you know, RacerDad decided to quit his job back in February. He was without work for almost 6 weeks before he began looking for a new job, then it was right at 8 weeks before he started with the new company. His current company truly does not need three technicians. There is not enough work to keep everyone busy. Since RacerDad makes the furthest drive, he is given priority on hours...doesn't sit well with the other techs. RacerDad believes God has placed him in this position for a reason. His years of experience have allowed him to help the owners make some profitable changes. He is gaining management experience that he has been lacking. All of this will help him in October when he goes to work for a man opening a brand new service shop. I think knowing this job is short term is affecting him. He doesn't feel settled. As we all know if a man is not feeling successful at work it begins to play on his temperament. Can I say we are feeling it at home?

The boys are being boys. Not practicing up to his expectations in their baseball. Not listening. Being slobs. Any one of these would normally just roll off his back, but now...oh boy, can you say tense?

Oh, well, enough of our saga. But if you would pray for peace in our family and encouragement for RacerDad I would appreciate it.


Becca said...

Praying, Julie!


Jennifer said...

Ask and you shall receive.

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

I'm sorry,'s so hard when someone's having a hard time. I'll be thinking of y'all and praying too.

This too will pass.

Beth said...

I'm sorry, Julie. When one person in the house in the house is tense or under stress everyone feels it. Praying for peace for Racer Dad and your entire family.