Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dentist Anyone??

I got a phone call from RacerDad today. A hammer that he was using to break loose a gasket, something he does quite frequently, had slipped. Unfortunately, when it slipped from his grasp, it hit his mouth breaking his two front teeth. This is not news you want to hear over the phone. My thoughts began to race wondering how extensive was the damage and when I can't see something, I imagine the worse. Of course in my mind it was compounded because my husband, who NEVER wants to go to the doctor, was requesting the name of a dentist.

Remember this was the man who "hung" himself through the eyelid with a drop light and didn't go immediately to have it checked out!

Fortunately, he was able to get to the dentist right before they closed. X-rays were taken and the damage assessed. The dentist is going to be able to "fill" the missing parts, this is not a cap but a build up. This should last four to five years if RacerDad is careful. I am just so thankful the repairs did not involve root canals and caps!


Becca said...

Darin had the VERY SAME proceedure done on his teeth THIRTY years ago, and his dentist told him his would only last a few years. Thirty years later.....


Beth said...

Both my husband and I have had bonding on our front teeth that has lasted our whole lives.
Adam, however, who cracked off the bottom of a front tooth with a baseball bat a few years ago has had his bonding fall of many times. We're hoping for a more permanent solution when he gets a little older.

Sorry to hear about Racer Dad but glad to know it isn't anything more serious. He could have poked an eye out!