Saturday, August 11, 2007


This has been one successful Saturday...

I began at my Weight Watchers meeting (-.2), not real happy with my meager loss, but as it has been pointed out, it is a LOSS. I weighed in for my 12th week today and haven't had a week yet where I have gained.

Today I pretended to be a domestic goddess. My house was filthy....amazing what happens when you are either out of town or running continually for a whole month. Almost all my laundry is done, and folded and put up (did you faint Mrs. M???) I cleaned my bathroom top to bottom, not an easy feat considering RacerDad had to do tile work in there last week. It always amazes me how a small, easy job can create such a mess. I even found tile/grout dust inside the cabinets. ugh!

I planned my meals for the next week and went to the store to purchase any necessary I said domestic goddess!

Speedy B is suffering from allergies/asthma, so he has had to stay inside. RacerDad had promised racing this evening, but that had to be put on hold. To stave off boredom (a night with mom is not near as fun as the races) I declared tonight movie night. We went to Blockbuster and I let the boys pick out movies, of course I HAD to get some of my own. They enjoyed their movies and are now quietly tucked in bed. RacerDad will not be home until the wee hours, so I am enjoying the movie, Miss Potter, and knitting on a pair of socks. Sheer bliss!


Anne said...

Congrats! Really. NOT gaining in 12 weeks is a really amazing accomplishment! WW is really such a good program - I'm considering taking the plunge myself, I've been eating horribly. It's just so hard when life is hectic, but don't be upset at anything negative or even! That's a great thing!

Anonymous said...

Yea Julie! You are the ultimate domestic goddess when you have the time. Congrats on the add'l loss!

Mrs. M.