Thursday, February 01, 2007

Clown Socks

I needed a bright spot today. I decided to begin a pair of socks with my Schaefer "Lola" that the boys have dubbed my "clown yarn". The easy socks group that I belong to began their February KAL today and since it uses DK weight I thought this yarn would be perfect.

The pattern for the sock is called Zig Zag, it is by Cavy Shops. You can see the completed sock here.

Of course I received a lecture from my "project completion minded" son. "Mamsie, you haven't finished that baby blanket yet, should you be starting those? What about your Stinger B and blue cable socks are they finished?" No they are not finished. But is there anything that says I must only have one project at a time going?

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

hehehe...she sets the pink blanket away again! I do love the socks and am looking forward to seeing them grow. :)