Saturday, February 03, 2007

Single Socks Completed

I have completed three single socks. The "Stinger B", blue cable and now my "clown sock" or as it is actually known the ZigZag sock from the Easy Sock list.

I am getting quite a bit faster at knitting socks. The ZigZag took two evenings. Some day I may even be as quick as Beth. She can really crank out socks, beautiful, difficult socks.

Now so that I don't get single sock syndrome....I must complete these three pairs before I can begin a new pair! But before that, I MUST go back to the baby blanket. My friend's baby is due February 20th I am quickly running out of time.


Beth said...

Whoa!! Nice socks girl. You're a knitting machine! Those socks look great and I can't believe how quickly you knitted them. Now get the second socks cast on so they don't get lonely.

Knitting Rose said...

Great socks! I love the way they look - now you MUST knit the 2nd sock on each of these! SSS is a baaaaad thing.

Lisa said...

Wow! They are beautiful! I really like that color of blue. It shows the cables really well. I can't wait to finish my cable socks so I can start on the Zigzags.

Good job!