Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen Things I Loved about my Mother
My mom died one year ago on February 2 after a short quick battle with breast cancer. These are some of the things I loved and miss about her.
1. The twinkle in her eye when she was happy.
2. Her pumpkin one could make crust as well as mom.
3. Beautiful sewing ability. I have some lovely quilts that she made.
4. She was proud of me...she never told me, but all of her friends at the funeral told me that she had told them.
5. Mom was laundry queen. I never can keep up with all our laundry, she would always help when she came.
6. "Care packages". She would send recipes, articles and things of interest from the Tulsa paper.
7. The love she had for the boys. She was a very caring Gramma.
8. Her inability to dust. Mom never dusted, she hated to dust. Yet she would usually dust before I came home so I wouldn't know. One time she forgot and my grandmother and I wrote her messages on the table. She didn't find them for a long time! We laughed over that.
9. She always wanted to have food the boys would enjoy when we came to visit. A visit would necessitate several phone calls to discuss the menus and shopping list.
10. Her loyalty. If you were her friend, no one could say anything against you.
11. She loved music (usually country), she played it loud and sang offkey. But she sang joyfully.
12. Mom was sentimental. I found cards in drawers in her house that people had sent to her in 1974. She kept everything.
13. Her phone calls. We talked everyday. I sure do miss that.


Marcia said...

I am sorry that you lost your mother last year, but so happy that you have good memories of both her and times spent together. It is those little memories like the dust that will pop up when least expected. . . one for me was coming home from school to see her with orange hair, she had decided to peroxide her hair -- oops. Good thing she had a sense of humor.

Lady G~ said...

What a beautiful tribute to you your mom. You were blessed to have such a wonderful mom.

Think of the reunion you will have when you both will meet again....

Tess Harrison said...

What a lovely post. I'm sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful person.

I noticed you're a knitter. I learned a few years back, but still refer to myself as a beginner. I don't have the time for it I'd like.

Chelle A. said...

What a sweet post! I'm sorry for your loss. I think I'll call my mom and tell her a few thing I love about her (sometimes I find myself focusing on the things she does that make me crazy). Your post softened me up a bit :)

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I'm like Chelle, I usually think about the things that drive me crazy about my mom, but your list has made me think again. It's a wonderful, loving list of tributes to your mom. I'm a 1 year breast cancer survivor, and I'm so sorry your mom lost the battle. Happy Thursday.

pam said...

What beautiful memories! May God give you comfort in these days. As a mom I can say it is such a blessing to her to be remembered in such a lovely way and a what a wonderful gift you are giving your boys.