Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Still Here

Just having a hard time posting lately. Knitting has been a priority lately over computer time. I MUST finish the baby blanket....and am finding anything and everything do to but that.

We have been to a doctor's appointment for two of my little men today, the youngest two have had persistent sniffles, respiratory issues. Since they have been ill longer than 10 days, they are now on antibiotics and breathing treatments.

I am now off to a doctor's appointment for myself. I, too, have been sick since my cold. I never really got over the cold and as much as I want to believe now it is just "allergies", I have a bit of a wheeze and a nasty cough. Since I had pneumonia, RacerDad is very particular about me going to the doctor.

Note to self.....never say "my family hasn't been sick for over a year".


scribbit said...

I caught myself saying that same thing yesterday (about not having a cold in a long time) and wanted to quickly knock on wood!

Anonymous said...

Well, as much as I want you to finish that beautiful baby blanket, I am glad you have posted a new message. I enjoy reading your doings every day!