Sunday, April 01, 2007

Knitterly Things

This weekend was quite the weekend for me. I received two new knitting books in the mail. So far I have been impressed with both of them. The first book that came was the new Interweave Favorite Socks. The socks featured in the book are simply gorgeous. I must admit that many of them seem out of my knitting league...but I am going to perservere. I am finding that I need to begin collecting solid or semi-solid sock yarn. So many patterns get lost in colorways and if I spend the time to do an intricate lace or cable pattern, I want the knitting to show. I have learned this the hard way with some of the patterns my Easy Sock group has done. My problem is I love COLORS, especially beautifully blended colors. I have a hard time knowing if a yarn will work with a pattern or not and I hate to frog a sock because the pattern doesn't show up.

The other book I received is A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Stitch patterns fascinate me and I love learning new things. This one is by Barbara Walker, the same author of the Knit Along Afghan book I am working on. There is a wonderful group that is attempting to put the patterns from Walker's various books in a usable format. The Walker Treasury Project is compiling color pictures of each of the patterns. When the books were originally published all artwork was done in black and white and you know how hard it is to see some stitch patterns without color.

The Walker Treasury Project is hosting some wonderful contests in April. Head over to the blog and check out how easy it is to win a prize!

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