Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Works for Me - Listening Pleasure

Like most families today, we spend a lot of time in our car....various lessons, field trips, baseball, etc. The thing that saves our (my) sanity is audio books or radio theater. The rule is the story we are listening to MUST stay in the car. That way there is anticipation whenever we get in the car and the cd is always there.

Adventures in Odyssey are some of our favorites for short trips. I bought a "complete" set (10 cd sets) from Christian Book Distributors several years ago, best money I ever spent.

For longer trips or weeks that I know we will have alot of car time we get an audiobook from the library. We just finished The Moffats yesterday and my five year old was "sure we missed a cd" because he didn't want the story to be finished!

Audio stories --Works for Me. Visit Rocks in My Dryer for other tips.


Julie Pippert said...

We love to check out the audio books for the library for the car, especially for trips. I like the packs that have the tape and the book so my daughters can see the pictures, read along, know when to turn pages, etc. Great tip!

GiBee said...

My nephew loves Adventures in Odyssey -- great tip!

Becca said...

Also check out, Julie. Free read aloud once a week, and they're good stories. You can put them on your ipod and listen to them in the car.


scribbit said...

I just wish we could take more road trips.