Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spa and Storms

Unbelievable!! This word best describes yesterday.

Mrs. M and I went to the Cooper Spa in Frisco. It is an absolutely beautiful facility - calm restful colors, dim lighting, candles, music (new age...could have done without that) and natural stone just about everywhere. When we first arrived, they had us fill out a health form and select our lunch from the menu. We were then taken to the locker room and given a plush white terry robe and slippers. The locker room was carpeted and had wood lockers, simply gorgeous. After changing, we were to go to the "transition room", we would be picked up there for each of our services. The transition room had one wall that was a water feature...slate stones with water sheeting down, dim lights, contour chairs (with headphones), coffee, tea, anything you would need to make you comfortable.

My first service was a massage. I was led down a dimly lit hallway where a discreet sign proclaimed this a "whisper zone" to a massage room that was equipped with a heated massage table. Of course the massage was wonderful.

Back to the transition room, where I drank a bottle of water while waiting for my facial. I was just getting ready to go to the bathroom when the lady came to give me my facial, I made the decision to just go with her. Bad decision! ... more about that later. I had never had a facial before, it won't be my last! The process was very relaxing....except for the extractions. The technician calmly said after cleansing my face, "Now I will examine your face and do any necessary extractions." She then put some wet cotton balls on my eyes to shield them from a bright light she used to examine my skin. Next she began the extractions, now I may be a little slow on the uptake, remember I had just had a relaxing massage I don't know what I expected extractions to be. I was not expecting "pain". My eyes were still closed under the cotton balls when there was a little sting in my nose region. Then another, then a sharp one. Finally dawned on me that "extractions" was a dignified way of saying "popping pimples" or in my case "squeezing blackheads". Fortunately I didn't have many that needed taking care of, unfortunately they were in that sensitive crease of my nose!! The "pain" brought back to my mind that I needed to go to the bathroom. I began to wonder how much longer the treatment would be and was very thankful I have a strong bladder, things were working against me nice warm towels, relaxing hand massage, wave sounds in the new age music. I made it just fine, but it brought to mind how I remind the children to "go to the bathroom before we leave, whether you need to or not".

After the facial, Mrs. M and I met back in the transition room for lunch. Delicious food..I had a Thai wrap, fresh fruit and a berry smoothie. We finished our day with pedicures and manicures. We had delightful nail technicians, it was a fun time together. I had my first french I know the technique has been around for a long time. I just had never had one. I really like it.

When we got back in the car, I checked my phone....8 missed calls from my husband. Can I say he was not happy with me. Evidently, storms had moved into the area while we were being pampered and there was a tornado warning in my town. I called my friend who had the boys and things were fine, heavy rain...nothing to worry about. She lives a few blocks from my home so I wasn't to concerned. I went home as quickly as I could. When we got to our house, I found my bedroom door to the patio blown open. The carpet right inside the door was wet, but other than that the house was fine. These pictures show how much water was in my backyard after 4 hours of rain.

We eventually had 8 inches of rain at our house. By the time RacerDad and I went to bed the water covered 3/4 of the backyard, the front yard wasn't much better. The water in the drainage culvert by the street was about 10 feet from the front door. I also lost my peach tree, straight line winds simply blew it down.

Like I said, yesterday was unbelievable!


Lori said...

Wow! The spa sounds excellent...the tornado, not so much. Glad you're ok and didn't sustain much damage.

Tiffany said...

Oh wow... that sounds so fantastic! What a sweet and amazing friend! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week and taking a look - it was so nice of you.

I think every girl deserves a spa day once and awhile... a tornado, well like Lori said, "not so much!" Glad you're safe though!

Beth said...

Wow! The spa day sounds tremendous. Just the sort of thing a homeschooling mom needs.
I hope the jolt of the storm didn't take away all the relaxation of the day.

Liz G. said...

Instant Pool! woo hoo!! (Gotta look at the positive!) tee hee!!

I want a spa day like that!! Lucky girl!