Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Knitting gifts - Spa Bag set

I am always looking for easy, inexpensive gift ideas for RacerDad's coworker's wives (not sure if that is gramatically correct, but not sure how else to do it). I got the brilliant idea in January to make them all washcloth/headband spa sets. But I wanted it to be a little more special, I also wanted them to know what it was. I have made dishcloths for people before and they thought they were great...potholders, coasters etc.

I found a machine embroidery design that I thought fit the idea perfectly, so I decided to make sacks to put the gift in. Here is a finished example:

Then inside I put the cloth, headband, a bar of soap and a candle. What do you think?

So while I haven't been posting much knitting progress....I have been crafty!


Lori said...

Ab fab, Julie!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Julie I LOVE this! Absolutely too cute! :)

Mary said...

What a great idea. Love the packaging, too.

Anonymous said...

When do I get mine?he he..
IT is so did a great job.

Beth said...

Very, very cute!
I will say, however, that I still might not know what the headband was and I'd be afraid to ask. Perhaps a little note to say something like "the headband and wash cloth are made with natural fibers" blah blah and include washing instructions.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Julie!
If you want to get really industriuos, there are tons of recipes on line for bath salts and they are very easy to make, too.
Oh, or sugar scrubs for your face, too!
I know the racer wives will LOVE these and you can make them so personal by changing up the colors and scent!
Man, I wish I had a sewing machine that did that kind of embrodery!

Que Sarah said...

Oh wow! That is just above and beyond! What a wonderful gift idea!! Very creative and super pampering :-)

Anonymous said...

Darling!! Mrs. M.

Tasha said...

I think that's adorable. I want to be your husband's cousin's brother's wife so I can get one too :D Lovely idea.

~~R~~ said...

That was a wonderful I idea I am sure they will love getting something so personal from you knowing you put all the hard work into it very nice

Liz G. said...

Those spa sets are ADORABLE!! Great job!