Sunday, April 01, 2007

Final March Projects

Smoda's Kindermusik teacher had seen my "Popcorn Purse" and fallen in love with it. She asked me if I would be willing to knit one for her if she paid me for my labor. I have followed with interest various discussions on "what is our knitting labor worth" and realized that no matter what I charged I would be working for pennies, but I was willing to do it for someone who truly valued handmade items. We agreed on a price and she let me know what colors she would like. Much to my dismay she was a pastel kind of girl...she chose baby blue popcorn yarn and white for the body of the purse. Even when I tried to point out that this purse would not be washable and would show dirt very easily she would not change her mind. I finished knitting the purse today and have already felted it. The purse is sitting on the dryer waiting for delivery on Tuesday.

Heidi's Purse before felting.

A project I have been wanting to work on all month is this cute bunny pattern from Lion Yarn. The Lion Brand Yarn that the project called for was ridculously expensive, especially considering the entire project wasn't much bigger than a washcloth! I found a comparable yarn from KnitPicks (Twirl) that was mainly alpaca. The finished project is so soft. This was a fun and quick to just find a baby to enjoy it! I have enough yarn leftover that I could knit one more, I am thinking I may take them to a nearby hospital to hopefully brighten Easter for someone.

I need to work on the directions for the head on the next one. The process is double knitting and though I followed the directions exactly, there are some slight holes that can be seen in the face.

These projects complete my February/March Project Spectrum items. I must say I am very glad to get blue and white behind me. I am ready for bright and cheerful. I do still need to complete my other Dublin Bay sock, hopefully it will go quickly.


Tasha said...

Cute stuff, lady. Aren't you glad to be done with colors you don't enjoy knitting with as much?

Knitting Rose said...

that is a really pretty bag. Please post a pic of it felted. I agree with you that it is going to really show the dirt - but if she loves it - it will be worth it to her. The bunny is adorable too! I want to make a stuffed bunny like LizG made. Great job on your Mar FOs.