Thursday, March 01, 2007

Embroidery Software Class

One of my goals for this year is to learn how to use the software that goes with the sewing machines I inheirited from my mother. It is supposed to do wonderful things, I have seen projects completed that are beautiful....but the software is more challenging than I thought!

Now I have never claimed to be a techno wizard, in fact I know I am far from proficient. But I thought surely I could master this, lots of people are good with the designs. I took my first class yesterday. We barely scratched the surface of the capabilities. The class was two and a half hours and I walked away knowing how to turn the system on and search for designs to combine. I came home thinking I would begin the aprons that I am to have embroidered for the Women's Luncheon at church on Sunday. It couldn't be too hard, type in the words, choose colors, make sure the design fits in the hoop and download.

I am still reeling from being asked to embroider aprons. It is a case of "you have the machines that will do that, it must not be too hard, could you???" Of course it doesn't help that I am the only stay at home mom on the committee, never mind that I homeschool, I have loads of free time. (sorry for the brief whine!)

Well, I worked on it for roughly two hours last night....had it looking good, only to find out that the hoop I selected was too big for the bib of the apron. The design would not be resized, letters I chose were too big, etc. So I began again this morning. I have worked on it off and on all morning and now I think I am ready. I am procrastinating....if I put the disk in and it won't download, I think I will scream! Stay tuned for pictures of the aprons.....I only have to do SIX!!

Oh yeah, I will also have company this weekend. My dad and step-mother haven't been here in almost two years and they are coming tomorrow evening. Am I feeling a little pressure?

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Anonymous said...

You'll get it! You're the most techno-savvy person I know besides Rod!! Mrs. M