Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Gardening

Now I know it is not officially spring, but when you have consecutive days of over 70 is it hard to not get in the mood. Especially when I know that it will soon be consecutive 95+ days and I won't want to stir.

This week I have worked in my garden and backyard....

I would like to consider what I have done spring planting, but anyone who knows me well will tell you it is really the spring sacrifice. In my mind I have a beautiful is like a "grandma's garden" and this part of it is "my kitchen herb garden". Imagine lush fully grown plants, butterflies flitting in the summer, the scents of fresh herbs, a mixture of colors and textures....just beautiful. The sad reality is, each spring, I have high hopes. Go to the gardening center to find just the right plants, best specimens, plant them, tend them faithfully. Then come the heat of summer.....I sacrifice them. Sad but true! I kill plants. Not that I truly want to, I just have yet to figure out how to keep things alive. So last weekend when my dad and Julia were here, I picked her brain. She is the type that can take a dumpster of almost dead plants and have "my vision" within a month. She just throws out seeds and before you know it has a thriving garden. I asked her what to plant, where to plant, get the picture. So I did everything according to her directions. I have a few more plants to get and have to wait for The Weedman (lawn fertilizing company) to treat for fire ants before I can put out mulch. I am hopeful. This spot is waiting for plants....a yew, hostas, begonias and impatiens. Still a little cool for those.

I can do it. I have a watering schedule. I planted the right things. In April, you will see progress...or at the very least a great plant sacrifice.

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