Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Works for Me - Mr. Clean MagicReach

I have a large garden tub...small indoor swimming pool is a more accurate discription. To clean the "far" side, I would have to get in the tub. Eeewww! It was just a mess, no matter how I went about it. Then my friend told me about Mr. Clean MagicReach. I was familiar with the Magic Erasers and just love them so I was willing to give MagicReach a try. It is a wonderful tool! I can easily reach the far side of the tub and the upper reaches of the of my shower (I used to have to stand on the bench to reach the uppermost tiles). The extension handle can be removed for more control if you need to scrub. My hard to reach places all sparkle...Mr. Clean MagicReach...Works for Me!

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Anonymous said...

Now seriously. I have not seen that. Can I get it at Walmart? I am so glad you are doing WFMW with Shannon.

I love our Tuesday night meetups. So fun!! And, I love the fact that I can talk baseball mom stuff with someone who really understands!!