Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend Ramblings

Well my weekend began early Friday afternoon as I rushed around making sure the house was tidy and company ready. My dad and stepmother came to visit for the first time in almost two years...needless to say they had not seen the new house. So, of course, perfectionist that I am I wanted the house to look nice.
Really shouldn't have bothered...Dad didn't care and my stepmom is not interested (her house is always filthy, I always worried when I had a baby crawling at her house), they didn't even care to see the house other than the room they were sleeping in. Can I say that hurt my feelings??

Saturday, Cowodie and I were up and out early (7:30) driving to Grapevine for the Awana Games. Awana Games is a competition between area churches involving games designed around speed, skill and agility. The teams had a great time. Both the boys and girls teams from DBC took first place awards. Needless to say Cowodie was grinning ear to ear, he had a blast.

We got home in time for me to fix lunch, then my stepmom needed to meet with a man that designs greenhouses (turns out that was the true reason for their visit, not to see us!) She needed me to drive her because she is not familiar with the area. Now where did we need to go?? To Richland College (roughly 635 and Central Expressway) Keep in mind I had already driven 45 minutes to Grapevine and 45 minutes back, now we were driving an hour from my home (and back). The meeting took less than 15 minutes and to be quite honest could have been covered with a few well taken photos via email!

To keep the drive from being a total waste of time, I suggested a stop by Central Market...yum! We did get some wonderful food finds....fresh asparagus, asian pears and marinated mozzerella. I also hinted about a yarn shop not too far interest. So we headed home, just in time for me to fix dinner. Gotta love all the help! (not)

After dinner, my dad, Racerdad, the boys and I began a game of Monopoly. Cowodie got a great beginning, landing on and purchasing 3 of the railroads. Racerdad is a cut-throat Monopoly player....he loves to win. Unfortunately for him, the dice were not on his side and he landed on many of the "pay" spaces. As for myself, I was just a "jailbird" landing on "Go to Jail" 4, yes I said 4 times! Midway through the game, I sold out so I could go and finish the remaining apron that I needed for church this morning.

This morning, when I went to the pantry to get ingredients for my casserole I needed to take to church. I had gone to the grocery store, not once, not twice, but three times since Thursday and I had still forgotten ingredients. I looked through my recipes and found a recipe for corn casserole. I was able to pull it together and get to church in time for the luncheon. The aprons were a big hit and I had two people approach me about doing some embroidery for them. YEA!

Dad left soon after we got home from church. It was a nice visit with him....always a little strained with Julia. RacerDad and I trimmed the shrubs. Now he and the older boys are gone to Awanas, Smoda and I are kicked back relaxing....watching The Backyardigans. I really need to go and do the dishes...did I say I had NO HELP from Julia....there are still some dishes from last night's dinner, breakfast this morning and the corn casserole dishes...yuck! But then I also haven't knit since Thursday suffering withdrawal. Hmmm the choices, nasty dishes or knitting??? I wonder which will win out?


Beth said...

You're a classy woman. I'm sorry the experience with your step-mother was challenging but it sounds like you did the best you could. Now it's time to put the weekend behind you and relax with some knitting.

Anonymous said...

Come on, I bet you have an automatic dishwasher, so you can just put them in, set it and forget it. LOL

Me, I would do the dishes, simply because I like "work" out of the way so I have no distractions when I "play."

Don't ya just love family that go out of their way to make you feel loved, wanted and appreciated....NOT! I'm sorry the visit was what it was, and not the loving and bonding experience that you had hoped for. I know exactly how you feel. I've been there much too often myself. But you gave it your all, so you can be pleased with how you handled everything regardless of the way you were treated.

Have a good day, and congratulations on getting those aprons done. And quite nicely too!