Thursday, March 08, 2007

Year of the Blanket

I have decided that in my life this is the year of the blanket. Not that I intentionally went out and planned to make a slew of blankets, they are a big project and I want fairly quick completion.

It began with the feather and fan baby blanket I made for a friend. I figured a baby blanket couldn't be too hard, should be a quick knit....then I went out and purchased fingering weight yarn. I did complete the project, it turned out lovely and my friend was delighted.

The next blanket project is something I wanted to do for myself. I had learned of Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan Book, a form of a stitchionary with a purpose. In this book are 64 afghan blocks each a different stitch pattern. There are squares that teach simple garter stitch variations, cable, lace, twisted stitches and mosaic patterns. I figured each square was really no bigger than a dishcloth and if I hated a pattern, it would be done quickly in a 6x9 block. I also thought by the time I finished I would be a more confident knitter. One thing I really like about the book, Walker not only gives the pattern, she explains why the stitches work the way they do and where you might use the pattern in other knitting. For example, the first block I completed was a slanted rib. It looks really neat and was easy and quick to accomplish. Walker said this would be a sweater ribbing. My second square was not quite so easy to begin. I didn't quite understand the directions, it was a mosaic. I read the instructions several times, then put it aside to take to my knitting group. Thank goodness for Manda and Jennifer. Once they explained it for me, I am finding it fun to knit.....challenging, but fun. I'll post pictures of both squares once I finish the mosaic.

The last blanket is a "mommy project". A friend of mine asked Smoda what he thought of the baby blanket I had just completed. Now keep in mind, anytime he saw me knitting the blanket, he would say "I don't like it, it is pink". But this time, he said "I loved it. I want Mamsie to knit me one, I don't even care if it is pink". Needless to say, I let my baby pick a blanket pattern and choose his yarn. He grins when he sees me working on it. But he is a hard taskmaster, whenever he sees me knitting something else, he points out I should be working on his!

On my afghan, I am using Cascade 220. Smoda chose Rowan Handknit Cotton (fortunately his doesn't take a lot of yarn!) My colors are more subdued and neutral. He chose bright purple, lime green, coral and bright blue. I am definitely not going to get bored with these projects they are so different.

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Beth said...

Wow, Julie, knitting blankets takes some kind of determination. I look forward to seeing them when they're done (or not done - I like to see WIP).

I've only ever knit one blanket. It was a sweet little yellow baby blanket for my oldest. I think the boys are using it for the "cat bed" now.

It's so hard to resist when our children ask us to knit something special just for them. You're a good mom.