Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Learn to Knit Afghan

I have completed two squares of the Learn to Knit Afghan by Barbara Walker. It is a wonderful concept, each block is a different Walker stitch pattern. She not only gives the pattern but also explains how and when the stitch might be used.

The first block I completed is Diagonal Ribbing. I enjoyed the pattern, it was quick and easy...would be great as the bottom of a sweater. I was a little concerned with my yarn color choice, it reminded me of jute rope that I used long ago to macrame. It is Cascade 220 and is knitting up well.
This square scared me at first. It is Stepped Fret. The mosaic pattern with slipped stitches and color changes was a bit intimidating. So I figured I just needed help to tackle it. Thanks to Manda (of the Knitting Psychos podcast) and Jennifer, two girls that attend a knitting meet up with me, I was able to not only attempt but complete the square. I was so excited that I was able to knit something that turned out so cool. Call me a geek, but I take it out and just look at it!
This is the square I am currently attempting. It is a simple garter stitch block alternating rows of color. Now why would I say I am attempting something so simple...I decided that along with learning different stitches I would teach myself to knit continental. I would like to learn to knit faster and from what I understand continental moves quicker. I am enjoying the knit stitch. I do believe it is faster and I am able to keep better control of my tension. But when I tried to purl earlier today....uh it was not pretty, actually it was very clumsy. I have watched the video and think now I can do it. May give it a try tomorrow.

I like the blocks that use both colors. The beige is much better in combination with the blue. Fortunately there are not too many blocks of the single color and I think if I am careful in assembling the afghan it will look okay.


Anonymous said...

The mosaic photographed so well. I think better than in person. I am so proud of you, you accomplish all I dream of....ep

Anonymous said...

I love the squares. You may be finished before you know it!!

Deal or no teach me to kitchener and I will teach you how to make stitch markers.

Blog on!

Elizabeth said...

Continental? You go girl! I keep telling myself I want to practice that as well and then I just go on being me. I think it's a great idea to incorporate that in your learning afghan.

Jennifer said...

That square turned out so great! I would want to pull it out and look at it too!!

Becca said...

Love it, Julie! :-) I've got the book in my cart on Amazon for "one of these days."


scribbit said...

That is a clever idea, using different stitches on each block. I get urges to knit occasionally and just finished a scarf.