Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Podcasts - A Mystery No More

Thanks to Dawn, I am no longer in the dark about podcasts. I am actually listening to Manda at Knitting Psychos as I type this! So I can listen to podcasts and audiobooks while knitting instead of suffering through RacerDad's many car shows he watches. A non-car gal can only act interested in cars so long!

I have had my ipod for over 2 years now, used it for music while excercising....quit excercising (sorry to say), so the ipod went to live in the drawer. It came out of the drawer at Christmas when RacerDad got a docking station so I could play music in the kitchen. It had quite a bit of music on it, but I just couldn't see continuing to plunk down $1 for each song I wanted to listen to, so nothing new added.

Now with Dawn's help, I have discovered a whole new world! WooHoo! Maybe I'll start walking again....sure need to!


Anonymous said...

If you only lived closer we could walk! Anytime you need Ipod help, just ask!

Becca said...

Julie, you can also get Tom's sermons as a podcast. I listen to them while walking on the treadmill. Go here:


Anonymous said...

Could you help your non-technology gifted friend with this? I could download Rush if I knew how......
Mrs. M.