Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blogger Woes

ARRGGHHH! I took pictures last night of some new yarn, my WIPs and Project Spectrum things I plan on doing with the boys. But this morning, when I have time to post...blogger won't upload pictures for me!

Today is skating day. The homeschool group we belong to offers homeschool skate from 2-4 every Tuesday. The deal in our home is, if your schoolwork is completed we will go skating. It is amazing what a motivator can do. I enjoy it as well, there is a nice group of moms with whom I enjoy visiting.

Tuesday is a busy day overall. After skating, we rush home for 15 minutes...let the dogs out, then off to Smoda's Kindermusik class. While he is in class, I take Speedy B by RacerDad's so they can go to a batting lesson as soon as my husband gets off work. Tonight has an added event, but it is for me ;-). I am going to go and meet some ladies at one of the local Starbucks for knitting. I can't wait!

Well, I will try to post pictures later...but it maybe tomorrow.


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