Saturday, January 27, 2007

Illness....take 4

Here we go again....I made the mistake of gleefully telling someone that my family had really not been sick in over a year. What was I thinking!!! Of course we all know this is like praying for patience.

It began when RacerDad came home with his little bug. Fortunately short lived and not too bad. Then I got my cold last week, felt like death warmed over for days...finally on the mend. Speedy B had his own version of Dad's bug on Wednesday and Thursday. Poor thing came downstairs in the middle of the night Wednesday to tell me he had thrown up, not once but twice on the carpet. Remember my hero RacerDad? Of course he cleaned up all the mess....What a guy!

Then today, as we began our extremely overbooked Saturday, Cowodie looked at me to say he didn't feel well. "What's wrong?" I asked. He said his stomach felt funny, but not because he was sick...he was just excited. He evidently didn't want to miss the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby or a birthday party. We went ahead to the Pinewood Derby and weren't in the room 5 minutes when he looked at me with tears in his eyes and asked to go home. So here we are...taking a break in what was to be a very hectic day. I feel bad for him, I know he must really be sick to miss Scouts or one of his best friends' birthday parties.

I am looking at the day as a knitting time, slow down and relax time. I am only hoping that Cowodie's stomach can hold on until RacerDad gets home!


Beth said...
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Beth said...

I'm so sorry to hear that another one of your family is ill. We've been battling illness in our house since New Years Eve when my middle son came down with the flu. Oh my, he was so sick. Then we had colds, a bad sinus infection for the oldest and finally a round of the stomach bug. We seem to be healthy now.

We had our Pinewood Derby last week. I'll have to take pictures of the cars to send to your boys. My middle son won a design award for Most Scout Spirit. Neither of their cars, however, did very well in the racing.

I can sympathize with the oven situation. We know we're on borrowed time with our 20 year old one. The convection part stopped working over a year ago, the self cleaning part is non existant and my husband refuses to put another light bulb in it. It's just about time for a new one. I hope you get your new oven very soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry everyone has been or is ill. It seems to be making the rounds everywhere, and hard to avoid.

I loved reading your Thursday 13 on the birds, and had to chuckle when you included the little bats........LOL Cute. I love watching the birds here too. We seem to share many alike, but you have some we don't have as well.

Enjoy your day. :)

scribbit said...

Well hope all that new-found free time doesn't kill you too much. Get better soon.