Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On the Needles - January

I can finally say that I am feeling like a knitter. I have three projects in progress at the same time and I am actually working on all of them. I have had more than one project in the works before, but to be completely honest once I put a project down it went into never-never land. I would then pull it out years later and think...hmmmm...wonder what this was? I am definitely enjoying my rekindled hobby, it is so satisfying to finish a project. Here is what I have going right now...
This is the January KAL from the yahoo group Easy Socks. It is a cable pattern from a worsted weight yarn. I do love the quick way that the worsted weight knits up. But I believe I have already become a yarn snob! This particular yarn is Lion Brand Wool and it is so rough after using Socks That Rock. I am not sure what it will feel like as a sock. I am going to muddle on through with it. I have found knitting cables to be quite fun. Who knows what will be next, can anyone say Aran??
This is my January KAL with the Monthly Dishcloth group. I am using Bernat Cotton-Tots, not too sure if I like it for the pattern. It seems to be nubby rather than smooth, making the pattern kind of fade into itself. It is extremely soft and I think it would make a good facecloth.
Finally, I am working on a baby blanket for a friend. I offered to make a baby blanket (read machine sewn) for her and embroider the baby's name on it. She thought it would be special to have a handknit baby blanket. Oh well, just call me a sucker. This is very soft and going quicker than I expected. But I fear that February will be upon me rather quickly. The pattern is feather and fan and I am using a fingering weight yarn.

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Malissa said...

yep still jealous!

Someday I'll get good at this:)
Those look great!