Monday, January 08, 2007

Frog my Cable Sock KAL??

Do I frog it or finish?? I am 2/3's done with the first sock and I hate the yarn. It is 100% wool by Lion Brand. It is a good thick sock, but it is scratchy and the stitch definition is not very good...looks fuzzy. Not at all like my Socks that Rock.

I hate not finishing something after spending time on it. But I can't see myself wearing the socks. At best I would give them away, but I really wouldn't want someone to cloud their judgement about handmade socks because they don't like the yarn either.

Such a hard decision!

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Beth said...

Just frog it.
I know how you feel but you'll never be happy with that sock and you wouldn't really want to give it away. Just frog it.

Today I am going to frog the Fancy Silk Sock that I started on New Years Day. I'm not happy with how it fits. I love the sock and it looks beautiful but a sock is supposed to fit. *sigh* I really hate frogging but it has to be done.

I'm right there with you.