Friday, January 19, 2007

Yarn, Yarn, a Swift and Winder Too!!

This has been such a fun week. The mailman has been at my house quite a few times...maybe too many?? See my beautiful new yarn? The big hank of solid blue is Lorna's Shepherd Worsted weight. I got it to replace the yucky, scratchy brown yarn that I was using for my Cable sock KAL. I was really enjoying the pattern and I have to say knitting socks in worsted weight is FAST! But I wanted good yarn. I ordered it from Angelika's along with the yarn I got for my Swap-bot "Yarn Snobs Unite" partner. (I wish I could show you that too, but my partner might see and I really want her to be surprised!)

The other two yarns come from The Loopy Ewe, that Beth recommends. I have to say I will use the store again! I ordered on Sunday, Monday was a holiday and I received my package on Thursday. Sherri included some fun freebies as well...excellent customer service, not bad prices either. The mainly blue one is Cherry Tree Hill, sock weight it feels wonderful....can't wait to use it. I think it will be done up in the Dublin Bay pattern. The other a Schafer yarn, Lola it is also a worsted weight. The boys are calling it clown feet...I just fell in love with the colors, clown or not. It will go in the stash for now. The two blue yarns (socks) along with a purse project round out my Project Spectrum items. Come on February!

I love my swift. I ordered it from Angelika's. It is a piece of art. I have always been a sucker for handcrafted items, this is all wood and turns like a dream. The boys are so excited, their arms will no longer have to hold my yarn as I wind it in a pitiful ball. I never got the hang of a neat hand-wound ball. Winding yarn has become a spectator sport. Just let me start winding and I have all three boys watching spellbound as well as one of the dogs barking at the flying yarn!
Here is the ball winder. Again from Angelika's. I got the jumbo winder, probably too big...but if I do a chunky yarn I won't have to worry if it will all fit.


imapeople said...
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Beth said...

Oh my!! A winder, a swift and ALL that yarn!! What lucky, lucky girl!!

The yarn is all beautiful. Glad to hear you're going to knit Dublin Bay. I love that pattern.

I can't wait to hear the plans you and the boys make for Project Spectrum. If you think they'd like some of the gimp (or boondoggle) we'd be happy to send along some yards of it. We could never, ever use all that we have.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Christmas all over again! Mrs. M