Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kids Knit

I will be teaching a knitting class for children this summer at a summer camp. I was searching for books that would give clear instructions as well as some fun EASY projects for the children to complete. I think I have found the perfect book. It is called Kids Knit by Sarah Bradberry.

The book begins with a sections on "What is Knitting" and "Tools you need". It goes into detail on choosing the right needles for your yarn, as well as describing the different types of yarn and how to read the yarn label. I found it to be well written, a 9 or 10 year old would not have difficulty understanding, but yet it is not condescending to someone much older....hey I even learned a few things, and I am much older than 10! ;-0

The rest of the books deals with technique and projects. Each technique section has clear illustrations as well as step by step written directions. It is then followed by a project that uses that particular technique. For example, after learning to knit, the project is a simple dishcloth. The next lesson is reading a pattern and overcasting, so the headband project uses the knit stitch and overcasting.

The project variety (20 different ones) is much better than I have seen in other knitting books for children. From a simple cat toy, to hair accessories, gift items and bags there is a project for everyone.
I am looking forward to using this book with children. Speedy B is going to make the cat toy for our friend that keeps the boys on "date night".


Crystal said...

My hubby and his brother's all learned to knit as kids - they spent a lot of time with their grandma! I would love to, but I have WAY to many hobbies already, lol.

Tammy said...

You know what book I used when I came back to knitting? It's the one by Melanie Falick, "Kids Knitting". It helped me so much.