Friday, January 19, 2007

Smoda Moment

Today Smoda showed such compassion to our dog Trixie, it really warmed my heart.

Trixie is a mini dachshund and every once in awhile she puts her nose somewhere she shouldn't and gets a scrape...I think she puts it in a hole in the fence, but I haven't caught her in the act so not really sure.

Smoda came running up to me this afternoon to tell me that "Trixie was blooding in her mouth". I knew she had a scrape on her nose so I wasn't real worried, I told Smoda not to worry and went on with helping Cowodie with math. A few minutes later he was at my side again this time with neosporin and a band-aid. He said "I knew you would need this."

I had to hide my smile ....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
You have been very busy in the past few days.
I bought a small ball winder at the NY State Sheep & Wool festival and so glad I did, it's a huge help. My DH is making me a swift from dimensions I found on the Internet. I tried it out and it works great. Just needs the clear coat now to protect it, and I can hardly wait.

I love watching the birds too, and I think it's great you found a "new" one to watch and enjoy. Isn't it great fun when you find a bird you've never seen before?

Your new yarn is gorgeous. That blue is so rich in color, and I love the "clown" yarn too. Very bright and so cheerful looking. Your son's socks are looking great too. And they do remind you of a Bee's coloring. Don't feel too bad about not always matching up a pattern with the yarn. I am in the very same boat. I'm starting to think the only yarns that look really great with patterned socks are solid colors. So often when I use a multicolored or self striping yarn the pattern gets lost in the colors. It's so frustrating. Some of the other knitters seem to have such a knack for matching the yarn to the pattern, but I'm definitely not one of them.

Hope Trixie is OK.

Take care,
Sandie :)