Friday, January 19, 2007

Stinger Bee Sock

My latest sock. It is interesting, not sure I would call it pretty, but Speedy B likes it. The colors are his baseball team colors....The Stingers are gold, black, gray and white. When I started the pattern, it was forming vertical stripes as well as the horizontal stripes. It is actually prettier in "real life". I do like the pattern of the sock, like so many sock patterns, it really would be more visable in a solid color. I hope I learn soon how to match sock yarn with pattern!
I must say I like the type of yarn. This is Artyarn O4 Merino. It is so soft, remember this is the project that I began when I gave up the scratchy Cable socks. I will never use cheap sock yarn again. It is just NOT worth it.

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scribbit said...

That is the wildest yarn I've yet seen--those are socks that won't easily get lost or misplaced :) Love 'em!