Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Speedy B's First Written Narration

We follow a Charlotte Mason philosophy in our homeschool. Her methodology places a strong emphasis on the student being able to narrate their lessons. If a child can narrate, the piece has become a part of them. I must admit I have not been as faithful in having the boys narrate as I should. This school year, we have tried to narrate at least one lesson a day. Yesterday, for the first time I required a written rather than oral narration from Speedy B.

He read chapter 55 from Child's History of the World, it is about Marco Polo.

"The Tartars came from the east, at the head Genghis Khan. He was a magnificence (magnificent) warrior. He took over many places. He died then his grandson got the throne and made many castles with large gardens in Cathay.

In Venice, Marco Polo, his father and uncle heard about Kublai Khan the grandson. So they got ready to go see Cathay. Kublai asked them to come in and tell him stories about Venice. After they finished, he wanted more so they stayed for almost 20 years. They got magnificent gifts.

So they left after 20 years. They are back home. Not Venentian gentlemen any more, they look like tramps, no one knows them."

I was very pleased with his first attempt. When he gives oral narration, he doesn't typically use "new" vocabulary. In the written form, he used better vocabulary and was more complete with his thoughts.


Peakmore Academy said...

Very nice narration, Speedy B! I could really picture the happenings you were telling in your narration. Thank you for sharing this with us. I really enjoyed reading it! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Speedy B., you did a very nice job on your narration. I especially enjoyed reading it as my son and I studied Marco Polo just a little bit last year (he was only 5 then). Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Hungary!

Mama of Mark and Patrick

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on such a wonderful narration. Nicely detailed. Keep up the good work!

Amy in SC

Mother Auma said...

Speedy B, that was a very good narration! I really enjoyed hearing the names of the people and places you read about. You had a beginning, a middle and an end to your telling also, with lots of details.

Great job!

(And great job, Mom! It looks like you are on the right track!)

Anonymous said...

Speedy B., Way to go!! Are you sure this was your first one to write down?! Wow, you even made paragraphs! It really told the whole relationship of the Khans and the Polos-from start to finish. I liked it. Good job.

Mrs. R.
All the way from Flower Mound