Sunday, January 14, 2007

Definintions and an Explanation

I have had some people wonder where the title of my blog comes from, I have put off answering long enough. I love home, reading, decorating, knitting. I love to be AT home. Now don't get me wrong, I love people and do desire to be around them, but I HATE driving, shopping, etc. As a matter of fact, now that you can do so much online, I really would never have to leave home...sounds good to me! Anyway, when I started this blog, I wanted a title that would bring to mind home, warm, cozy, etc. and "At my Hearth" just seemed to fit.

With our North Texas weather the last couple of days, I have spent a lot of time by my hearth. RacerDad has had a fire in the fireplace since Friday and other than to cook or go to church this morning, I have been in my chair knitting and enjoying just being at home.

As for definitions...since there are some non-knitters that read my blog, let me clue you in.

Frog...(verb, To frog) pulling out your stitches because of a mistake or dislike for pattern or yarn. Called frogging because you "rip it, rip it" just like the sound a frog makes.

KAL...short for Knit Along. Knitting a pattern with a group of people at the same time in order to compare progress and notes.

Now back to my warm chair, fireplace and more knitting. Chili is bubbling on the stove and I may make banana bread for later....but then again I may not, I want to knit!


Beth said...

I've always liked the name of your blog but wondered if it had more significance. There really is no place like home.

I'm glad to hear you ordered from The Loopy Ewe. Sheri is great. I hope you love the yarns you receive. I look forward to hearing how your CTH experience is. I did hear from Sheri that I received a credit and I wondered who had clicked through and ordered. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks friend! I feel like I'm in the knitting know now! Mrs. M
p.s. What's CTH?