Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Tour - Part 1

I saw some other blogs doing a Christmas tour and I thought it was a great idea. This way family and friends that don't have the opportunity to come visit can see our home decorated for the holidays. So grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and come see our decorations!
Welcome to our home. The nutcrackers at the door were a new addition for the new home. Cowodie loves nutcrackers, so these make him especially happy.

When you come into the foyer, this is the first thing you see. My mother had collected gold ornaments as well as other Christmas collectibles, this tree is for her. The red balls are porcelin with Norman Rockwell Santas painted on the face of the ornament, I combined these ornaments, red berries and 166 gold ornaments for a beautiful tree. Many of these ornaments had never been displayed, mother continued collecting even after she quit putting up a tree.

Close up of the gold ornaments and Rockwell Santas.

Off the foyer is the formal dining room. My mother-in-law blessed us with the red hurricanes, when lit they cast a lovely light in the room.

As you go up the front stairs, there is an art niche where this minature tree resides. My grandmother and mother both collected the minature ornaments. It was fun to put the ornaments on this tree and remember my family.

That is all the pictures that blogger will let me post, so the tour will continue in another entry.

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