Thursday, December 07, 2006

Winding Yarn

I am about to come to the conclusion that I need a swift and ball winder. Most of my yarn had been purchased at my LYS and of course they will wind it for me. Then I discovered the joy and availability of specialty sock yarn....Lorna's Laces, Mountain Colors, and Socks that Rock to name a few, these I have purchased online as they are not readily available in my area. I didn't think about them being in a hank as opposed to a ball, just never crossed my mind.

One night I decided to do a swatch of Lorna's Laces. I went into my stash and pulled out a lovely shade but it was a HANK. I couldn't get dear old RacerDad to hold the yarn for me, so I sat with my feet spread far apart on a footstool to hold the hank and began winding. By the time I finished, my knees and ankles were so sore! I didn't learn that time, I wound yarn for my next project the same way. This time the yarn was a bigger hank and it took quite a bit of time. I thought I learned my lesson that time.

Today I wanted to start a pair of socks for a yahoo "easy sock" group. I had some STR in X-mas Rock colorway - heavyweight. It would be perfect. My knees were not up to the task today so I figured I would put my dear sons to work.

Cowodie took over when Speedy B got tired. He was a very willing helper.

Speedie B was my first swift. As you can tell by his grin he was not real happy doing it. I have to laugh, the boy is a catcher in baseball and can catch three games in a day without complaining. Holding the yarn, he lasted 5 minutes before themoans started!

The hank that started it all. Isn't it lovely?

The boys are very cute swifts and in the case of Cowodie very willing to help. Honestly though I don't know if I can wind too many more balls this way. Speedy B complained, Cowodie dropped the yarn, Smoda played "limbo" between myself and whoever was holding the yarn. As Speedy B pointed out, 350 yards is longer than 3 football arm got tired of winding!

So if you know of a good swift and ball winder please let me know. I have looked at the ones in the Knitpicks catalog, but honestly I have no idea quality of products.

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elizabeth said...

My husband used to suggest to only buy yarn that you didn't have to wind(i.e. balls not hanks) when I used to complain! I think the hanks are much prettier even if they require a little more work. I bought a winder & swift awhile back(from Patternworks, I think). The winder is the blue & white one from Royal(made in Japan)-it winds well but the gears slip and it gets noisy. I don't know the brand of the swift but it is wooden and I love it. I was told not to get a metal swift as yarn catches quite a bit on them.
You will wonder why you went without them once you get them! Love the color of the STR!
Good luck-Elizabeth
(in SNOWY Vermont!)