Friday, December 15, 2006

Wool-ease Bell Lace Sock

I have completed my first sock using Socks That Rock. I have loved using a premium yarn. This colorway is Xmas Rock heavyweight and it is so bright and cheerful. I need to find another place to take pictures so that you get the full effect.

The pattern, Wool-ease Bell Lace, is an easy one. It works up quickly and is great for those of us new to knitting socks. It does make a slightly slouchy sock, so if you like your socks to always look neat and tidy this may not be the pattern for you.

I do need to do some research. I have now made three socks and each one of them have the same problem. They are perfect until I put them on, then a little ladder appears at the toe and at the top of my foot. There are no dropped stitches, I have checked. As my dear sweet husband points out...I have a fat foot (and I call him sweet???). My ankle is not fat, but I wear wide shoes so I am wondering if I added some stitches in before I begin the gussets if that might help? Any suggestions? I am not sure how many stitches or how I should add them so they would be the least obvious.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie!
You did a really nice job on the worsted weight socks! They knit up so fast, I think they can become addictive!!! Nice job!

Sam(from your Knit-A-Long)

Beth said...

Nice job on the socks, Julie. Have you tried washing them yet to see if the ladders disappear? Usually, those things work out in the wash.

Anonymous said...

I really like these! They are great. Don't worry about the ladders - with a little wearing and washing they will dissapear. Basically - it all comes out in the wash -