Friday, December 15, 2006

Slipper Socks complete

I am not sure if this counts as a pair of socks or not, but even so I have completed another knitting project. They are a Christmas present and I had many nervous moments as to whether they would turn out. A friend suggested the pattern as a quick and easy project that would teach me more about sock construction. For me they were not as quick as I expected, but I am much more comfortable turning the heel, completing the gussets and doing the graft on the toe. I think the second pair (and third and fourth) will be much quicker. All three boys informed me they would like to have a pair, obviously this will happen after Christmas!

Here the knitting is complete, but they are not yet felted. I couldn't imagine them being very warm, yes they are wool, but they seemed so thin. The felting process caused much more stress than I thought. Since they are a gift, I wasn't sure exactly how much to shrink them. The boys laughed because I kept taking them out of the washer to check their progress. The first two washings, there was not much change. The third cycle really made a difference.

Completed slippers! I was amazed how thick they became. I think they will be quite warm. The picture doesn't do the color much justice. I used Cascade Quatro yarn. It is four colors - teal, blue, navy and black, just beautiful.

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Beth said...

Isn't is amazing what a little wash can do to a knitted item? Those felted slippers will be nice and warm.

Good job.