Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Childhood Memories

1. My mom was a 21 year old divorcee when I was 4 years old. Of course she dated and one of the men she dated was pretty clever. I always wanted to ride in the front seat between them...this was in the days before car seats. One evening, when I got in the car I noticed a beautiful doll in the backseat. When I asked who the doll belonged to, this gentleman stated "It belongs to the girl who rides in the backseat." I got in the backseat faster than anything!

2. I remember getting my tonsils out and wanting Taco flavored Doritos as soon as I got home.

3. Riding in my Papa's Frito Lay truck. He called it Bessie and would let me stand beside his seat and watch him shift the gears.

4. Spending the summer digging tunnels and caves in the root system of a tree my Papa had pulled out of his front yard. That one tree provided hours of entertainment for the neighbor boy and myself.

5. Going to Kindergarten and being informed that my name was not Julie-Lynn, but Julie... Lynn must be my middle name. I would not believe my mother that the teacher could be wrong so I became Julie. I have always hated that.

6. Watching my Papa tally his receipts at the end of the day. He had an old adding machine that you punched the numbers in and then pulled the handle down. I have that machine now and my boys are fascinated by it, like I was. I played with that machine for hours. I also have the receipt that shows he bought it on time in 1954 paying $125 for it, a small fortune!

7. Being the flower girl in my mother's wedding. I thought I looked so pretty. I had a Peter Pan haircut and wore a maxi dress in a lovely shade of avacado green. Looking at the pictures, what was stylish then is hideous now!

8. Moving away from my grandparents' house to my step-father's trailer. I called every day for several weeks crying for my Papa to come bring me home. My grandmother later told me it was everything she could do to keep him from coming to get me.

9. My grandmother was a telephone operator for a hospital in Tulsa. I would get to go and listen at the switchboard as she answered the phone. Sometimes she even let me plug the cords in to connect the call.

10. Going to the judge's office when my step-father adopted me. I never knew that my real father was sitting in the outer chamber waiting for his turn. I found that out later, when I was 20 and met him for the first time.

11. Having my birthday on Easter the year I was 7. My uncles thought it would be fun to give me a rabbit for a present. It came in a shoe box with no food. My stepfather ended up building a large hutch, I always thought of it as the rabbit hotel. It had an enclosed part as well as a "screen porch". I named the white rabbit - Snowball, not real original. She lived for over 7 years, rather long for a rabbit.

12. Watching Snowball wear a halter and hop about on a long leash while we lived in the trailer. She had free run of the backyard when we moved to our house. I would let her out to hop around and then put her in her hutch in the evening. It was so funny to see her laying in the middle of the yard with our beagle snuggled up next to her. Evidently he didn't realize he was a hunting dog.

13. The gold satin balls and gold tinsel that decorated my grandparents tree. I still have 5 of the satin balls. They are nothing special and after 40 years they are starting to be a little fuzzy, but they are always the first ornaments I put on my tree.

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ancsweetnsassygal said...

It's a great list. I was in my aunt's wedding as a child and also wore an avacado green dress. What were they thinking?? lol MY TT is up on why I don't have a cat. Visit if you can.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Playing in the root system of that tree would be something I would have done, too. Happy TT

Gattina said...

I loved to read your list ! Childhood souvenirs are so interesting and tells you a lot about people's life. Your rabbit really got old, wow !

Sanni said...

Thanks for sharing this very personal TT! I learnt a about you...

Happy TT from Germany,

Tug said...

MAXI dress...I haven't heard that in years...& yes, I used to wear them!

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Those are some fantastic memories. Loved reading them.

Happy TT!


Barbara H. said...

Great list of memories!

My TT is here -- 13 favorite old movies.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list and such sweet memories! I may have to borrow that idea. Happy Thursday and thanks fror visiting!

alphawoman said...

I loved reading this. I can picture your Papa in my mind.

Anonymous said...

What a great list, and a nice trip down the memory lane.

Anonymous said...

That was a sweet list. What wonderful memories you have of your grandparents. Thanks for sharing such intimate details of your life and thanks for visiting my TT.

erica said...

This is such a beautiful TT, just full of great memories. I loved it! And I wish my memories of my grandparents were like these.

Norma said...

Special and very touching memories. I'll bet your were adorable in the wedding.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Terri said...

What a wonderful list. Really enjoyed reading these. Especially about your Papa wanting to come get a grandparent, I sure can relate to that one.
There must be something in the air today (smile) I also did my TT today on Childhood Memories and yours is the third one I've read so far.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet list of memories.

The seventies were resplendent with color, were they not? Avocado green, harvest gold, burnt orange... I'm sure you looked lovely in your dress standing next to the kitchen appliances. ;)

I will have to think about doing a list on childhood memories one of these weeks. Thanks for sharing. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list of memories. Thanks for sharing them with us. So cute that your beagle used to snuggle up with the bunny!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. :)

Susan said...

Thanks for visiting, Julie-Lynn!. I like your blog already. I wound some yarn just yesterday!

Take good care!

Beth said...

Your list brought tears to my eyes. You have a wonderful memory and a great way of sharing your stories.