Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gingerbread House

I bought one of the prepackaged gingerbread house kits for the boys to decorate. They anxiously awaited the day when we would have time to complete the project.
Smoda and Cowodie are ready to go. I have to say, I loved this kit. The assembly was so much easier than kits we have done in the past. There were troughs in the white tray that held the pieces as they dried. It was great.

Speedy B was not real happy to have to share the house with his brothers. He thought that each should have their own to complete, or at the very least he should be in charge because he is the oldest. He did not like having to get his brothers opinions. Can you tell????

Completed house. Looks rather festive doesn't it? I thought they did a great job.

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Malissa said...

aww:) they did such a good job:)