Saturday, December 02, 2006

Second Sock Syndrome

I have heard of SSS, but I thought it referred to the inability to finish a pair of socks. That may be so, but in my case second sock syndrome is quite different. I have made a pair of socks, the first sock being easy to complete and relatively quick. The second sock in that pair was not so easy. It had to be ripped out, not once, but twice. Finally the pair was completed and all was well. Or so I thought.

I am halfway through my second pair of "socks". This pair will become felted slipper socks. Please note I said halfway through. The first sock was a breeze to complete. I believe it took three days of on and off knitting. No problem, I should finish the second sock just as quickly right? It was taking forever for me to get the cuff completed. I knew I had to knit 11 ridges before continuing on, it was slow going, but I perservered. Last night I finally finished the cuff. I pulled out my pattern and I had done 8 ridges too many. How could that be? I pulled out sock number one and sure enough, I had done way too many. Oh well, I thought I would just rip it out. Ripping went well....all the way to the beginning. I lost track of what I was doing and ended up ripping too much.

It took me over an hour to cast on 36 stitches, divide between my dpns and begin again. Everytime I would do row 1 the whole thing would fall apart! I felt like I had never knit a stitch in my life! It was so frustrating. Finally at 1:00 a.m. I was able to get it to work correctly. The cuff is done, I am almost to the heel. Now that I am paying attention to what I am doing it should go smoothly. But can I say I am almost afraid to try another pair of socks!

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cherie said...

Maybe socks are like kids, you'd think they would be remotely similar being in the same pair, but on closer inspection they are worlds apart. I do not know how you could knit and count and do something else at the same time. I have trouble doing one thing at a time and doing it well, like typing this comment...