Friday, November 03, 2006

Sock Sadness

It is with great wailing and gnashing of teeth that I say my second sock is not done. I missed the deadline for Socktoberfest, but not only that I am having to backtrack.

I began turning the heel and the gussets Wednesday evening. Things went beautifully with the turn. I was able to pick up the stitches without any problems. I began the gussets...again no problems. The gussets went much faster this time, this was my second sock, it should go faster. I began the foot and thought things looked strange, but I was happy I was almost done. A pair of socks, hand knit by MOI to be worn to baseball this weekend. I continued, things still looked strange, I compared it to my first sock. They didn't exactly match, but I thought it will all work out in the end and perservered. Today I took the rose colored glasses off. The sock was not right. No matter what I wanted the sock was not the same. I got to looking closer. Sure enough, those beautiful gussets, that gave me no problems, were wrong. I finally figured out what it was. Instead of decreasing every other row, I decreased every row.

I called my LYS just knowing that there would be something I could do that would not involve taking out all those stitches. Can you say DENIAL??? Of course I have no choice but to take out over 50 rows. With the size yarn I am using, the expert recommends that I take one stitch at a time off. Yuck! I want to just chunk the whole thing in a drawer and forget about it. But, you see, I have one beautiful sock. It will be I will be ripping at baseball intead of showing off my completed work. Pride trips me up again!

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Becca said...

Julie, I am so sorry about your sock! Hopefully it will go much quickly the second time around. :-) I am still up for a meeting at Starbucks so you can share all about sock-making with me!

Beth said...

I'm sorry about your second sock. It annoys me to no end to have to rip back. Even with fingering weight yarn, however, I always just rip back and put back on the needles. I couldn't stand to tink stitch by stitch.

Chin up!