Thursday, November 16, 2006

This and That

Days like to today remind me why I love being a homemaker. There were no scheduled appointments, outside lessons or errands that had to be run, so we were able to stay home all day. As Smoda said, "Yipee!"

Cooking that happened...I was able to cook the fruited chicken recipe I posted on Monday. It was as good as I remember. The whole family liked it, though Speedy B was not too fond of the pineapple. I have some apple butter cooking in the crockpot. It smells divine. I also roasted some veggies that were in the fridge to go with dinner. I love days that I get to cook!

Sewing....I have finished the curtain that goes on the back door. I am now working on the other 5 that go in the breakfast room. The one turned out so great! I had found one fabric quite a while ago. It sat neglected on the bolt because I could not find the perfect complimentary fabric. I know that when these are done I will be living with them quite a long time and so I wanted to really love the patterns. I found the second fabric last week and began the sewing. I tend to not follow directions if I don't think they are necessary (embarrassed grin), my fabrics were thick so of course I did not need drapery lining! When I finished the window topper the FIRST time, I quickly saw that the lining was necessary. I went Wednesday to get lining and while at the fabric store I found the perfect tassels and buttons to embellish. Now that the topper is made correctly, I am so much happier. I will try to get pictures up tomorrow.

Candles are burning to add to the homey of my current Yankee favorites - Pumpkin Pie and one by Bath and Body Works - creamy caramel.

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