Monday, November 13, 2006

Tulsa Yarn Shopping

While in Oklahoma, I did a search for local yarn shops. I found three listed in the yellow pages. One I was familiar with from years ago. The other two sounded promising. One being listed as "the largest yarn shop in Tulsa" and the other "the largest yarn shop in Oklahoma". I had a hard time reconciling the two statements...but on to shopping.

When I went out, I ended up having time to go to only one. I crossed off the "largest in Tulsa" , it was located in the most expensive shopping center in Tulsa. I figured if I found something I liked, I might not be able to afford it! Also, the other was the "largest in Oklahoma" must be bigger right??

After some searching, I did find the shop. It was about the same size as a shop I use here in Texas. Of course, some of the same items, but some that were not. I bought two different yarns. One for the most luxurious scarf I had ever felt. It is by "MY" and called "Touch Me". Believe me, you want to touch it. The lady at the shop suggested washing after the project was complete to prevent worming, but the label clearly states dry clean only. Anyone familiar with this yarn?

The other yarn is for socks - koigu in a beautiful shade of pale sage green. I can't believe how soft it is. Working with it is going to be a pleasure.

Oh so many beautiful yarns and not enough time in the day!

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