Monday, November 13, 2006

Visit to Oklahoma...part one

The boys and I had a good time. Dad had a horse that had been hit by a car. The horse required frequent washings, so we were limited as to where we could go by the "doctoring" time frame. We still found plenty to keep us busy.The boys especially enjoyed following dad around doing "farm chores" and outside boy stuff.

Cowodie and Speedy B had a ball cutting down a tree that had blown over. Smoda spent most of his time in a rock/dirt pile. The branches and logs cut from the tree became "campfires" two of the evenings. The boys enjoyed having s'mores two nights in a row. ( did mom. Nothing beats a perfectly melted marshmallow!)

Several of Smoda's rocks came back to Texas to become edging for flower beds. Imagine, the high dollar rock that landscaping stores sell. How could I leave all that free rock? RacerDad thought I was nuts, I probably had 50 large rocks in the back of our new van!

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