Monday, October 16, 2006

Batting Jacket

Now that I have learned how to program names and work a bit with the embroidery software, RacerDad is putting me to work. He purchased a batting jacket for Speedy B and asked me to put the team name and B's number on it.

I must say this one took a bit of thought. I had only practiced on flat pieces of fabric, I did not have to work around sleeves and neck holes before! It didn't turn out too bad. I know if we had purchased it at a local embroidery shop we would have spent $25 - $30. This way it was just the cost of the jacket and my time.

Number in the center back.
Team name on the left side.

Not too bad for a first attempt at a garment. I did have to pick the beginning of the "S" out one time, for some unknown reason it started sewing in white (bobbin color). I rethread everything and it was fine. Go figure!

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Sandra Knapp said...

I'd say you did a bang up job there. Pretty soon you'll be designing everything with that sewing machine.........LOL

Your "gifts" look great to me. And the only reason I manage to do so many is because mine are SO SMALL!! haha

Thanks for visiting again. Yes, the poodle mix is very smart. Sometimes too smart for her own good. But she is learning. LOL

Have a great day,
Sandie :)