Friday, October 27, 2006

Cowodie's first Grand Slam!

Tonight the Braves had a make up game against a fairly tough team. Our records for the season were neck and neck and talent wise the teams were evenly matched. I was unable to attend, so RacerDad had to give me a recap.

The bases were loaded. The coach from the other team had placed his outfielders according to Cowodie's hit from the first inning. His first hit had gone to left field. He lined up to hit and hit a solid hit to the fence in the right field. There was not a player out far enough to field the ball. Cowodie had already rounded second before the outfielder got to the ball. He made it home without any problems.

Cowodie was so happy. The grin on his face as he told me about it was definitely ear to ear. What a hit!

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Beth said...

That is so exciting. Please tell your son that a baseball mom in NH said WAY TO GO!