Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mother Was Right

My mom loved to sew. She kept telling me how much fun it could be and I should just give it a try. "A good machine makes all the difference" she would say. I never believed her.

My old blog has an entry describing how a sewing machine came to live at my house. It has almost been a year since she bought it for me. She was appalled that I paid someone to sew patches on Cowodie's cub scout uniform, so she bought me a Pfaff. "This is the last sewing machine you will ever need".

Little did we know then that she would not be around much longer and I would have her machines as well. Now I have three "good machines", the Pfaff, a Designer I, and a Babylock Ellageo. I have learned to sew on all of them. Mom's machines do embroidery along with sewing and I have learned how to use those features. The machines are actually smarter than me. I can touch the screen, tell it what I want to sew and the machine tells me which needle and stitch.

I wish I could tell mom she was right. I am enjoying using the machines and I am almost to the point that I can say sewing is fun.

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Beth said...

I have never learned to sew, often pay someone to sew on Scout badges and don't own a machine. You are definitely ahead of me in that game.

Now Badge Magic is my best friend.